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Adding intelligence to green hydrogen production

Adaptive H2's solution transforms your hydrogen facility into an agile, revenue-maximising entity

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Adaptive hydrogen's operational dashboard showing the charts of optimising hydrogen production
Sunset on Solar Panels

Electricity can account for over 60% of the costs of hydrogen production.


Adaptive Hydrogen's solution uses AI and predictive control to operate hydrogen facilities


At Adaptive Hydrogen, we have developed an advanced solution to combat the high energy costs in the hydrogen industry. Central to our strategy is the combination of cutting-edge operational algorithms, forecasts, and hardware systems, which together add intelligence to hydrogen production and reduce costs.

By dynamically balancing hydrogen production and energy consumption based on real-time market conditions, Adaptive H2's solution transforms facilities into agile, revenue-maximising entities. Not only do facilities benefit from low-cost hydrogen production, but they also discover lucrative avenues for additional income.



Our system is a hardware and software-based solution and sits as the gatekeeper of all energy sources within a facility, intelligently managing energy allocation and costs to guarantee consistent and reliable hydrogen delivery.

Hardware and Software

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System features

Our system simulates your facility's operation over a 7-day outlook - ensuring real-time production decisions aim to minimise energy costs and reliability deliver hydrogen. Our system can save a 10MW facility up to $1m in energy costs per year. 

Operational decisions and control room visualisation

We offer a state of the art control room visualisation platform, allowing you to make intellegent desisions on how to operate your facility, manage deliveries and schedule maintenance.

Additional revenue streams and offtake planning

We offer features to minimise costs and generate revenue by operating in wholesale electricity markets. Offtake optimisation provides foresight into production volumes allowing additional offtake when renewables and energy prices are favourable.

Guarantee of origin 

We monitor energy and emissions including the reporting for assurance schemes, emissions intensity and generation of garentee of origin reporting and certificates.

Long term commitment

We are committed to the long term success of your project, providing ongoing support, highly accurate forecasts and features.

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Working with us

We're a trusted partner committed to maximising your facility's performance and profitability. We provide customised solutions, strategic insights, and ongoing support, leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise. We work alongside you at every step, from project development to operation, with a system that delivers benifits for your project. 

With Adaptive Hydrogen, you're not just enhancing your operations - you're establishing a long-term partnership to ensure the profitability of your hydrogen project. 

We can support you through the development stages with customised consulting services - identifying the seasonality in your production, renewable and storage sizing, LCOH estimates and the benefits of our system. 

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